Your Cat Is More Interesting Than You Thought


Whether you are a dog-lover or a cat-lover, you must admit that cats are somewhat interesting, though you may not realize how bizarre they are. Refresh your memory on cat trivia by taking a look at these strange yet interesting facts about cats:

The Salty Cat

In case you get lost at sea, don’t drink the water because the huge volume of salt content can dehydrate you. On the other hand, cats can survive by drinking sea water. They have special kidneys that can filter salt from the water and rehydrate themselves.

Threat to Endangered Species

All cats, including domesticated ones, are hunters by nature. However, cats that spend most of the time outdoors have played a part in the extinction of 33 species such as mammals, birds and reptiles. In fact, they are one of the 100 most invasive breed of animals.


Cats Have Smelly Paws

Unlike humans, cats don’t have sweat glands. Their sweat is secreted through their paws, which gives off a scent as a sign of their territory. Therefore, every time they are scratching and walking, they are marking this area as their territory.

They Get a Lot of Beauty Rest

It seems great to relax most parts of the day. Those you own cats know how they spend most of the day lying around and sunbathing. You would be surprised to know that they actually spend 70% of their lives or 16 hours a day sleeping. Since they hunt, cats need lots of energy so they can pounce on mice. They store up energy by means of sleeping.

Disney’s Obsession with Cats

Disneyland is home to around 200 cats. Aside from loving these cute animals, they are meant for another purpose. Each night, they let go of these cats in the park so they can catch all the little mice. These cats were first employed in the 1950s and this program has continuously grown throughout the years.

Alzheimer’s Among Senior Cats

Just like humans, senior cats also experience Alzheimer’s disease or dementia when they reach a certain age, like 8 years old. This shows when cats roam around your home looking dizzy and confused, making the meow sound. In case your cat is showing similar signs, cover it with an additional blanket to provide comfort.

Long, Wide Whiskers

A cat’s whiskers grow as long as its width. Not only do they make cats look so adorable, they are meant for another purpose. Their long whiskers are used to check if they would be able to go through small openings. If the whiskers bend, this indicates that the cat wouldn’t be able to enter.


Sky Divers by Nature

People are probably amazed on how cats land on their feet. They don’t go against the laws of physics. They go down in an umbrella position to slow down their fall, as a skydiver does. They also have a keen sense of direction to tell which part is up so they can adjust their body.

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