What Is Astrology All About?

Astrology is often surrounded by a lot of controversy, as many people feel that it is mostly about superstitions and myths. The followers of this practice feel that it is very useful in a person’s life and that its predictions can be used to uncover many of the hidden mysteries that even science cannot resolve. Even though this is what many people do believe, many of the top astrologers will say that their practice cannot be used to create or come to any conclusions of an exact prediction. They insist that its most practical applications lie in its ability to revel those hidden tendencies that may be present in the future of a person seeking its insight.

Astrology, just like any other subject, is not without its misconceptions. The predictions that any practitioner brings up cannot be used to describe all of the events that may take place, so they can’t really tell you that you are destined to marry a certain individual on a particular date. They can however give you hints about your marriage or any other incidents that may take place. So what these practitioners offer is not an exact prediction but a statement based on varying astrological techniques. So it does not revolve around the exactness but rather the probability of things taking place.

This is an interesting subject that can be applied in various aspects of your life such as your marriage, career and professional goals, the relationships that you have with other people. It has been applied throughout history by different astrologers who have successfully predicted various events.

So in actuality, astrology can’t be used to predict the future but you can use it gain a deeper insight or understanding into the different patterns or directions that your life may take. Another misconception is that whatever your birth chart has in store, you have to accept, but astrologers believe that we have the abilities to change what is written for us. They are more like the goals or the destinations that we are most likely to achieve and these end goals gives us insight; there are many other variables that can be impacted by the decisions that you will make or plan on making.

In order to see how efficient astrology can be, you will have to approach a professional practitioner who can then plan out your birth chart. This chart can then be compared to the life experiences that you are having and then determine if there’s any truth in what is being foretold.

Astrologers agreed that the Earth has already seen the six ages of human existence from the Cavemen up to the present. Currently, we exist in transition between the Pisces and the Aquarius ages. The calculations, defining the end of one age and the beginning of another one, may differ. According to some the Piscean age ended long ago, while others claim that we still live in it.

In astrological mythology, Astrological age is a period of time of approximately 2160 years, comparable with the development of the inhabitants of the planet Earth, relative to their culture, civilization, and governments. Each age is associated with one of the twelve zodiac signs. Thus, each age will be repeated after the completion of the entire cycle, or in 25,920 years. The astrological age cycle proceeds in a retrograde direction. If forward movement is from Ares -> Taurus -> Gemini -> Cancer -> Leo, etc. then retrograde direction is inverted Leo -> Cancer ->Gemini-> Taurus -> Ares, etc.

As of today, we are near the end of the 6th movement of the ages and are approaching (or are at the beginning of) the New Age. The previous 6 movements of Astrological Ages are the following:

• The Age of Leo (Approximately start in 10,800 BC up to 8640 BC)

This age was the age of the Lion and the age of the Sun since the Sun is the ruler of Leo. It is known to be “The Golden Age” from the Ages of Man. It is the period of peace, harmony, stability on the planet. The size of the population was small and everything on Earth was in abundance and no starvation or crime existed in this era. People obtained food by hunting, gathering and agriculture. During this era, people developed primitive tools like stone knives, hammers, and javelins. Although the technology was rudimentary, it is amazing what people could achieve with it. Their works are now being discovered and show to the world, such as wall paintings in caves. The Earth was young, and no development of pollution was the products of this age.

• The Age of Cancer (Approximately start in 8,640 BC up to 6,480 BC)

This is known to be “The Age of the Great Mother.” Moon-ruled Cancer. It is the sign of motherhood, which is commonly associated with bearing, giving birth, caring and protecting. During this period, people learned the how to cultivate land and domesticate animals. They began to create a permanent dwelling and raise animals alongside with cultivation of lands for their livings.

• The Age of Gemini (Approximately start in 6,480 BC up to 4,320 BC)

This is under “The Age of Communication, Trade and the Twins” where the development of writing, counting and trades. As people acquired knowledge increases in this age, writing started to be used as a method of recording their activities. Merchandising and traveling also belong to this sign.

• The Age of Taurus (Approximately start in 4,320 BC up to 2,160 BC)

The Symbol of “Bull” and known for being “The Age of Earth, Agriculture, and the Bull”. The beginning of the creation of Pyramids in Egypt and the era of bull worshiping in Assyria, Egypt, and Crete. Egypt’s are well-known for their great architectural ability creating wonderful pyramids in fully natural materials without using the advanced technology in construction known today.

• The Age of Aries (Approximately start in 2,160 BC up to 0 BC)

Aries, the sign of fire and the symbol of ram give this era as “The Age of War, Fire and the Ram”, which is ruled by Mars. Iron Age was born in Aries where wars and colonialism on the rise, such as an expansion of empires in China, Persia, Greece, and Rome. The advanced armories are also specific to this era. During this era when Moses saves the Israelites from the Egyptians, the writing of the Old Testaments and the journey to the promise land occur.

• The Age of Pisces (Approximately start in 0 BC up to 2160)

This age is known to be the Judeo-Christian age. The period of existence of Christ and the Wisdom he brought to the humanity. This period is fading and perhaps gone!! Today we are transitioning to a new age, that’s why our soul needs guidance and hungry for HOPE because of war traumas, pain and hatred of the last two centuries.

In reaching the end of this era; we are in need to be prepared for the next journey and the new movement in the history of mankind, the Age of Aquarius. Age of the element AIR, meaning the mind that will bring greater technological advances of self-healing, compassion, intuition and spiritual cleansing.

Astrology deals with the movement of the stars and their effect on the human lives. As per the philosophy of this science, the location and moment of the star have a tremendous influence on the fates of the man. The astrologers are people who have expertise in this domain. They with the help of their knowledge and capabilities understand various aspects of human life. They provide information on how things will go in the future for an individual.

Some of the most popular techniques related to this are discussed here.

Birth Chart Reading

This is basically the chart which is based on the location of the planets, stars, moon and sun at the time of the birth of an individual. Using the location of the heavenly bodies, this chart is prepared. This chart contains information about various life events. Using this chart, an individual can easily get information about the happenings of the past, present & future. The astrologers provide prediction based on this chart. With the help of this chart, on can easily get information about what is stored for him in the near future.

Tarot Card Reading

This is another very important technique to understand the fates of an individual. In this, the astrologers use the playing cards to understand what is stored in the future for an individual. As per the philosophy of this science, it is believed that these cards provide the messages of the spirits. With their exceptional talent and knowledge, the astrologers understand the massages of the spirits and provide information about the future events.

Career Astrology

This is basically related with the career. With the help of this technique, the astrologers guide the individual in choosing the proper career. They provide information on how to get success in life. They also provide information on when to start a new venture.


In this, events about the future are predicted with the help of the location and position of the heavenly bodies. This prediction helps in providing information on what exactly is stored in the future. Whether an individual will get success in the near future.

This is a pseudo-science. There is no proof for this is available, yet it has brought happiness and joy in the lives of millions of people. Using this science, the astrologers provide information about the past, present & future events in the life of an individual. Apart from this, the astrologers also provide guidelines about career, marriage and various other things.

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