How to avoid common mistakes while webdesigining and make your website a successful one.

These days, many online companies sell ready-to-use websites based on templates. For some people, it is easier to buy these templates and make some revisions in their websites. Though more people are now trying to design and build their own website, they forget the smallest, but most important details of web designing that could cause the failure of their website. In this article, we will talk about a number of diverse and commonly aspects to help you design your website and avoid errors that can result to failure:

One of the challenges that most web designers face is how their website is viewed on different browsers. Even if your website looks great on your computer, it does not necessarily mean that it will also look as great in other browsers. So, it is recommended that you test your website on other computers, as well as other browsers such as Firefox, Safari and Internet Explorer. In addition, it would be best to test your website on other brands of computers including Mac, since this is Linux based, and therefore has its own rendering system and browser. Moreover, the resolution of a website affects readability and usability on different devices – such as laptops, desktops, tablets and mobile phones.

Though you can modify the size of graphics according to the height & width properties in the img tag, this can cause your site’s performance to slow down and possibly distort image visibility. Also, like any webmaster, you have to formulate data transfer as small as possible. So, if an image is scaled based on the height and width features, but not balanced, the browser will download the full size of the image and occupy the full web space – this could cause the picture to look either blurred or distorted. For best results, you can use different software to alter the size of your pictures.

You can use fonts to make your website look cool and distinct from the rest. However, you should be careful about your choice of fonts. You should use fonts that could best deliver your message. Different fonts are installed in different computers, so if you use a font that is not too common, this will not look the same to majority of users. Such fonts are better used as graphics and could be embedded via JavaScrip or used through another website (third party).

One more important tip is to realize the importance of a color scheme to your website. It should be relevant to the content and concept of your site. As an example, if you want to market your professional services through your company website, you should choose a decent color scheme rather than one with bright and loud colors.

is an essential tool to add to your website, as it helps indexing on search engines and lets you easily manage your content. It gives a centralized location, so it would be easy for users to navigate with ease across your website.

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