How to travel safely with your pet cats in a car?

Hey Take me in your Car

The majority of cats can easily adapt to riding in a car if they have a cat carrier that they are comfortable with. It should not only be durable, but spacious enough for a cat to stand and move about. Long before the road trip, leave the carrier in any of your pet’s favorite sleeping areas. Usually, the door can be taken out to be used inside the home. Cover the bottom part with a blanket they have previously slept on, or place one of the clothes you have just worn but have not yet been washed. Every now and then, place her favorite food inside the carrier. If the cat doesn’t fall for the treat, you have to patiently feed her with regular food inside the carrier.

For both your safety, don’t let your cat roam inside the car while you are driving. Many unfavorable things may happen, like she could distract you, which could result to a serious accident. On the other hand, she could get thrown and hit something on a sudden stop. For the cat to feel more comfortable and to remain quiet, it would be best to cover the carrier with a towel when the car is moving. Do what is best for your pet.

Every time you are home, motivate the cat to use the litter box by pouring new litter into it. When cats are not used to traveling by car, they usually throw up inside their carriers within 10 to 20 minutes of the trip. If there is a chance that this may happen, buy absorbent, disposable “puppy pads” (just like diapers), then use them to cover the bottom of the carrier. It will be easier to clean up when the unexpected happens.

Just like you, your cat can go on for a long time without stretching her legs. When you reach a stop, put her leash before letting her go out of the car for a water and litter break. There were several incidents when cats got lost at places where owners stopped to take a break. They managed to get out through a window crack or open door. The collar should have some kind of identification and contact details of the people who can be reached in case of an emergency while you are away from home. You should also carry the latest picture of your cat in case you need to print some flyers in the event of an incident.

When you take along your cat while traveling, most of your meals will come from drive-through eateries. If you have to leave your cat inside the car for some unavoidable reason, like a bathroom break, park in a shaded spot, roll down the windows just a little and come back right away, like after 5 minutes. It would be better to take along the carrier with your cat inside the cubicle. Your pet is used to seeing you there, so he won’t be surprised. If you want to take some time in shopping or sightseeing, always make sure that your pet is safe, or else search for a reputable veterinarian in your vicinity and try to make arrangements for some short-term boarding.

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