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How to train  Your Parakeet to Talk?

How to train Your Parakeet to Talk?

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Parakeets have always been the most popular pets among birds. They are known for their chitchatting and easy domestication. Their basic color feather is yellowish green, but they also come in other colors, such as colorful blue, and sometimes, they can be completely white or yellow. A parakeet as a pet usually means a lot of fun. It is true that they can be so noisy, but it is very interesting and nice watching them bristle and chat with themselves or even with a little thing. As any other kind of parrots, they mimic the sounds they often hear. They usually imitate phone ringing, bell ringing, or even a part of your favorite tunes. However, when it comes to talking, it is a little harder for them to emulate words, usually because of some consonants which they find hard to pronounce. Yet, ...