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How To Stop Your Dog From Jumping On Guests

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HEY LET ME JUMP ON Dogs are full of energy and they take no second chance to shower their love on anybody whether it's you or even your guest. Many pet parents come with the problem that their dog just jumps on anybody those who visits them. Though ignored by many pet owners, it is crucial to provide the basic behavioral training to your dog in order to avoid any of the embarrassing moments that you or your guest may face when these furry pals just put their heels high. What steps you can to take to stop your hyper dog from jumping on others? Be a Pack Leader for Your Dog Usually, dogs look for a captain and when they don't have clarity about their leader, they try to fill this position with whoever visits the house. Therefore, taking up the charge as a leader you would most probably ...

Some more tips for pets care during Travel

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Can I travel along with you For those with pets, going away on holiday means that you'll have to decide on the best way to care for your pets while you are gone. Most pet lovers can't bear to leave behind much a valued family member. To ease your mind, we have compiled a list of great tips to help you travel with your pets. By Plane If you're flying, check the requirements and conditions for pets outlined by the specific airline you are travelling with. I would recommend calling or emailing them if you need any clarification on their conditions. By Land: Map out bathroom breaks If you're driving to your destination, it's important to map out and schedule stops for bathroom breaks. To avoid your pet from getting restless, use the bathroom breaks to let them run around. By Land: Test proo...


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HEY I WILL TRAVEL WITH YOU Most people travel for their holiday celebrations and they usually take their family with them. There are some that just can't live without their pets as well. If you intend to travel with your pet you have to plan ahead to make the journey pleasant and comfortable for both you and the animal. · Traveling by Car If you are going for a road trip for the holidays, make sure that you do not let the pet loose inside your vehicle. You can get your pet a safety harness that can be attached to your car's seat belt system. Or you can just put your pet in a cage. A pet carrier is also a good idea, but could be more expensive too. Always put your pet in the back seat. will you take me please · Traveling by Air If you are flying to your destination, a pet carrier is a


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As our understanding of dog behaviors and motivations become clearer, the training techniques we use have developed accordingly. However, not every training program will fit every pup, and the owner needs to be acutely aware of their pet's personality before launching into a comprehensive class. The first step in this process is a keen understanding of the options that are available for the owners, how they work, and what kinds of dogs they are a good fit for. Iam well Trained Koehler Method The Koehler Method is one of the oldest dog training programs and is still taught to this day. This method has its foundation in the belief that the pooch learns through its own experiences and choices. When the trainer or owner punishes or rewards them after these choices, it reinforces certain p...

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