How to cure cat fleas? Here is the natural remedy for it.

 Fleas multiply even faster than rabbits! Once you see one flea, you are bound to see more and more and more. You might see one jumping from the carpet one second and then you notice another one jumping onto your shirt from the couch. You wake up with flea bites all over your ankles night after night. You spray a chemical flea killer and you get a few days reprieve from these biting bugs, but a week later, they are back and in seemingly the same number as they were before!

As a cat owner, you probably would rather use a natural flea remedy over a chemical one that might hurt you and your cat in the process.

You might wonder if there really is such a thing. I wondered the same thing when I was researching how to get rid of fleas. I tried various different methods and I finally found one that has been working for me for years now. It works as long as I use it on a regular basis. I love it because it’s natural and I know it’s safe for me and my pets.

What is it?

It’s diatomaceous earth!

That’s right! The glass skeletons of the diatoms that live in the oceans. If you have a pool, you might already be using this product for your pool. But wait, don’t rush out and use that for your home. The industrial grade used for cleaning pools is not safe to be used around the house. You need to use food grade diatomaceous earth. This one is safe to eat and to use around the home, around your pets, and around your children.

My Recipe

Take a spray bottle and I add 1 to 2 tablespoons of diatomaceous earth to it and fill it with water.  Shake it and then  spray this mixture all over your house focusing on areas where the fleas are likely to stay such as bedding areas, couches, all room edges, all entrances, all window openings, and all over carpets and rugs.  Spray as often as. possible. , . After I started this procedure, I noticed that fleas would disappear in a couple weeks and they wouldn’t come back! And as a side benefit, I didn’t get any spiders either. Nor any other bugs for that matter!  Try this natural ways, You will get good results.

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