How to Train Your cats easily

It’s a common misconception that cats can’t be trained. They can be trained. In fact, the calm and cool felines learn a bit faster than the active and restless dogs. However, their stubborn nature and feline attitude might prevent them from doing as directed.

There are a few things that you need to keep in mind before training your felines. Don’t be harsh and never shout at them or punish them. Otherwise, they will never co-operate with you. You can make them a pleasant member of your family with a bit of effort and patience.

However, cats can even perform tricks like dogs, but, initially you need to stick to the basics of it. Later, you can do the advance version of training. It is advisable to carry out the training session in following way.

The litter box training: The cat training starts with the litter box training. In general, cats prefer being clean, you just need show them the correct way of doing it. Place the box at one particular area of the house and don’t move it from there. Make your cat sit on the box after having food. They will, most probably, adopt to it within 2-3 days. Make sure that the litter box is clean, otherwise, the pet might deny sitting on it.

Discourage hunting: Cats are natural predators and love hunting. Every owner is fed up of the prey their cats bring every morning. They hunts every visible moving object. You can keep your feline busy with toys and other stuff. They won’t hunt if they don’t get time to notice the mice and birds in the yard. Putting a bell on cat’s collar is also advisable. It will scare away the preys of your cat. If you have a garden, then put the bird feeder at a place that is high off the ground where the kitty can’t reach easily. Cats are aggressive hunters, discourage their aggression as much as possible. They mostly hunt when you are asleep, at nights or during afternoons. Shut the doors before you go to sleep and don’t let them go out.

Prevent them from scratching furniture: Scratching is a very important form of exercise for cats. Don’t stop them from doing it, instead, find some alternative to prevent them from scratching furniture. Provide them with scratching posts, either horizontal or vertical according to their preference. Encourage them to scratch the post instead of the furniture.

The kitty starts obeying the master, once the basic training is done. After this, you can train her to do tricks or whatever you want to.

Cats don’t understand English, they can’t read or write but they do understand the language of love. You will have to be patient while training you kitty. Try to understand the nature of your feline. Don’t force her to train when she is not in a mood. Don’t stretch the training sessions for long. Reward them when they do well and obey you. Whatever you don’t want your cat to indulge in must never be rewarded.

If you want your kitty to be a part of your family, then training is a must. Stick to the basics and give your kitty a fresh start.

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