TIPS For Superb Baby Shower

The arrival of a baby is an exciting time for a family; as a result, the baby shower should be an unforgettable experience. Like any other party, the hostess or host wants the part to shine and surpass other events. However, some people don’t know how to throw a superb and unforgettable occasion. So for those people, this article will provide helpful tips on how you can throw the best baby shower.

Select a Theme

The first step to throwing a baby shower is to select a unique and original theme. All great parties have a theme, think of a prom, wedding, sweet sixteen and so forth. With a theme, you can guide the orientation of your party and determine if it’s going to be a formal event or a casual affair. Without a theme, your shower party might seem dull, messy and some things might not coincide with each other. Some great themes include: blue midnight, pink blossom, ladybugs galore, butterfly heaven, gentle touch, a touch of heaven, stork and a sports theme. When trying to select your theme, first see if you’re having a boy, girl or if the baby’s gender is undetermined. Then, simply select something that goes together with what you want and the baby’s gender. For example: if you want a formal event and you’re having a girl, then the perfect theme is a princess ball.

Location, Location, Location

The location is a crucial part of the baby shower because if you don’t have a location, you won’t have a place to throw a baby shower. If you want to throw an unforgettable celebration, then you need to think of a spectacular scene. Perhaps you can throw the event on the beach under a cabana or maybe a hotel ballroom? Remember, you can select any location that you deem fit.

Décor and Entertainment

The key to throwing the best baby shower is to have the best decorations and entertainment. You might have the best theme in the world and a gorgeous location, but if you don’t add decorations and entertainment, your gathering might seem dull, plain and lifeless. The décor of your party should include tableware, tables and chairs, streamers, balloons, perhaps an ice sculpture, a dessert table and a theme oriented centerpiece in each table. Make sure to select decorations that go with the theme. For example: if your theme is ladybugs, then putting puppy or princess napkins won’t do. If money is no option, you can hire a DJ, Acrobatic act or even a live performer.

Food and Refreshments

Another important aspect of throwing the perfect baby shower is the food. Make sure to hire a reliable, state approved catering company that offers a wide variety of foods, so each guest can find a dish that they like. Making sure that there is a wide variety of foods is very important because if you provide a limited selection, the chances are that some guests won’t have a good time. Also, make sure to provide drinks for your guests.


You need to have people attend your event if you’re planning to throw a baby shower. With thousands of different designs and types of invitations available on the market you will certainly find the perfect one for your event. The key here is to dedicate a few hours to go over the choices. The more you look through the better chances you have of finding the perfect one.

Throwing a baby shower should be a fun occasion for everyone from the guests to the parents. However, throwing the even might seem complicated, but hopefully with the help of this article, your baby shower will be an unforgettable and joyous experience.

If you are hosting a baby shower for your best friend or relative then you want to make sure it will fun, memorable, and stress free! The best way to guarantee this is to plan the baby shower online. Creating a website for the baby shower will not only help you stay organized, but it will allow you to share and inform guests about all of the details and allow others to be involved in the planning process.

Here are 8 steps to follow to begin planning a successful baby shower:

1. Select date, time and location

When to hold the baby shower is up to the expecting mother. It usually occurs 4-6 weeks before the baby is due. Baby showers are usually held on Saturday or Sunday afternoons as this is usually the most convenient time. You need to make sure that the date/time is suitable for those ‘must be there’ guests such as the future grandmothers, aunts, and G-d mother.

Having the shower on the weekend also makes it possible for out-of-town guests to attend. You can select the best possible date and time for the shower by setting up a poll on the shower website. This is the best way to learn the availability of your guests and chose the date/time that accommodates the most amount of people.

You should have a general idea of the number of guests that will be attending before selecting the location. Baby showers are usually held at the hostesses home as it is the most intimate option, however you want to make sure there is enough room for your guests to be comfortable. If you decide to have the shower at a restaurant, hotel or another venue, then you should book early to make sure you can reserve it for the date you want.

The baby shower website will be able to provide your guests with all of the details of the event, including date, time, and map to location. It will also inform them about any changes or updates.

2. Set a budget

Before arranging anything, you first need to establish how much you are willing and able to spend on the baby shower. Your budget will need to consider; invitations, decor, food and drinks, games, supplies and a gift. It is sometimes a good idea to have a co-host to help you with the costs. Having the baby shower at yours or another guests home is the most economical option. The menu and decor will also depend on your budget.

3. Create a guest list

Asking the mother-to-be who she wants to invite is the best way to make sure you do not forget about anyone important. Friends, family and co-workers usually make up the guest list. You want to obtain the contact information (address, phone number, email) of invitees as soon as possible to be able to get an estimation on the number of attending guests so you can continue planning.

4. Choose a theme

As the host, you can decide whether or not the baby shower will have a theme. Selecting a theme definitely adds to the ambiance of the shower and makes it easier to plan the website and invitation design, food, games and decor. If the expecting mother loves tea, then the shower theme can be a “tea party” whereby different teas will be served in fun and pretty tea cups.

“Pampering mom” is another possible theme whereby everyone will receive spa treatments including hair, nails, facials, and massages. If you are having trouble deciding on a theme, you can ask your guests for their input and suggestions on your website message board.

Themes aren’t necessary to plan a fun shower. You can simply choose pink or blue decor (depending if you know the sex of the baby) and can have supplies with pictures of toys and animals on it to add to the ‘baby’ feel.

5. Invite guests

It is so easy to invite guest online to the baby shower by sending out a broadcast email. The invitation should be informative and fun and include the following information:

• Date, time, location and theme of the shower

• Contact person information (# and email)

• A link to the baby shower website

• A description of activities that will take place

• Explain how to RSVP online and mention RSVP deadline

• Include baby registry information

With you baby shower website, guests will be able to RSVP online, and should be encouraged to do so by a specified date. This will allow you to always keep track of your guest list, and send out reminders to those who have not responded.

6. Menu

The menu will depend on the time of day the shower is being held. If the shower is taking place over a meal time then you are expected to serve various food options. It can be either a sit down meal or a buffet. If the shower is held during an afternoon, then snacks and appetizers are sufficient.

If the shower is at someone’s home, the food can be homemade or catered. If you decide to have the shower at a restaurant or another venue, then you will need to create a special menu in advance. Regardless of the shower’s location, you want to create a menu that fits within your budget and is consistent with the theme of the baby shower.

It is customary to have a cake for the expecting mom at the baby shower. You should decide early if you or another guest will make the cake or it will be ordered from a bakery. The design on the cake should be related to the theme of the shower.

In order to make sure your food selection matches the tastes and dietary requirements of your guests, you can ask guests about their preferences and any restrictions on their online RSVP form available on the baby shower website.

7. What games will you play?

A fun baby shower includes many silly games and prizes. Games and activities are a great way to get guests acquainted and mingling. They should be simple and easy to explain and set up. You need to plan this in advance to make sure you have all the right supplies.

Games and activities should be selected based on the theme and baby related topics, and you want to make sure the mom-to-be can participate and enjoy. You can have any type of baby games such as baby name Scrabble, or pin the pacifier on the baby, a guess who gave it gift opening game.

8. Gift registry

You and your guests want to buy the expecting mom something she actually needs and wants. A gift registry can be set up on your baby shower website with details and a direct link to the expecting mom’s online registry for guests to browse and purchase.

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