How to keep pets hydrated and their-water dish always clean while their parents are away.?

The Cheerble company—the most backed pet toy brand in crowdfunding
history—has finally found an ideal solution for keeping pets hydrated and their
water dish always clean while their parents are away.

After running 3 successful campaigns and delivering thousands of Wicked
Bones, Wicked Balls and Cheerble Board Games to their backers, they finally
launched their 4th product, Drinkie—a brand new smart self-cleaning dispenser
for cats and small dogs.

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Having raised $140k+ on Kickstarter in 10 days, the product seems to be the
next favorite among pet parents.

Unlike the traditional pet water fountains on the market, Drinkie cleans your pet’s
dish all by itself, you can set 4 times limit of selfcleaning by the smart app.

Its work is simple yet smart: Once your cat or dog drinks from the dish, the
dispenser uses its patent-pending Pulse System to rinse it, moving stray
whiskers, food particles, and germs into an airtight waste water tank.

At the same time, while your pet is away, it tops up the dish with clean water
from the fresh water tank, keeping it always full for your fluffy.

This way the dispenser keeps dirty water away from your pet, ensures constant
access to clean water served from a self-cleaned dish, without any need for
filters that can cause secondary pollution and harm the fluffy.

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