How To Build An Email List Using Nothing But Blog Posts

How to build an email list?

A question asked by both seasoned and “newbie” email marketers alike. After all, if your email marketing is going to be successful (in other words, if it’s going to make you a lot of money) then you’re going to need an email list full of genuine prospects.

If you fail to build an email list like this, then whatever email marketing strategy you planned on using will fail.

Now, there are numerous ways in which you can build an email list. Some involve paid advertising methods; others involve methods which allow you to build an email list for FREE.

And it’s one of these free list building methods that you’ll be learning about today.

Specifically, how you can use a simple WordPress blog to get a ton more subscribers join your list.

What you need to do is this:

First, you need to write your daily email to your list.

Once you’ve written it, you should then do the following:

Re-write that email, adding a bit more “meat” to it. However, this “meatier” version is not going to be re-sent to your list. Instead, you’re going to upload it to your WordPress blog.

The reason you should send your email list a “non-meatier” version is because people already on your list don’t want to have to read anything that’s going to take up more than a minute or two of their time.

They want to get some value, get entertained, and then get on with their day (though hopefully they’ll buy whatever you’re selling first).

Yet people who visit your blog will be expecting slightly “meatier” content. If you don’t provide it to them, then they’ll quickly stop reading.

Plus, the people already on your email list will know more about you and the topics which you are writing about, compared to someone who is visiting your blog for the first time. Therefore you’ll need to do less explaining in your emails.

Okay, so let’s say you’ve done this step.

Now what?

Well, now you should keyword optimize your content. Just so your blog post has more of a chance of appearing in a prominent position on the search engines.

Anyway, let’s say you’ve now got traffic to your site. Next, you’ve got to persuade people to subscribe to your email list after reading your blog.

There are two ways in which you do this:

1) You place an opt-in box underneath your blog post.

So after someone has finished reading your post, they will naturally see your opt-in box and hopefully be persuaded to enter their email address.

2) You keep the same call-to-action which you used in your email, only instead of sending them to your sales letter like you would with your email list, you send them to another page which is optimized for getting hold of their email address.

What I mean by this, is that on this separate page, you should “sell” the benefits of opting into your email list.

Plus, you should also be offering an “ethical bribe” in exchange for people giving you their email address. An ethical bribe is something you give away for free, in return for people joining your list.

For example, you might offer a free report which offers the solution to a particular problem facing your market. Though like I say, this is just an example. To come up with the best possible ethical bribe for your own market, you need to know your market well enough to know what would appeal to them.

Anyway, that’s how you can use your WordPress blog to get a ton of email addresses.

Yes, this is just one way of how to build an email list.

But it’s a powerful (and free) way of doing so.

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