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How to feed kittens

Home pets
Taking care of a newborn pet requires adequate knowledge and skills. Newborn animals are treated differently than their adult counterparts. Newborn pets require special attention and different feeding requirements. And it is the responsibility of the owners to know the right petting tricks to ensure that their pets will thrive and grow healthy. Newborn cats have different nutritional requirements than that of the adult cats. Kittens grow rapidly and require 25% more nutrition than the adult cats until they reach their 6 months of age. A kitten's bodyweight may double or triple during its first weeks of life. Due to its rapid growth rate, it needs food containing large amount of energy and nutrients in balanced quantities. For the first four weeks of life, you do not have to feed your k...

How to manage a Home Garden?

Home care and Relationship
Beauty Of a Home garden I know what you're thinking: gardening is too hard, it takes too much time, and how can anyone like me go about growing a garden when I know nothing about the subject? This is most people's view on gardening, and is completely wrong! Gardening is easy and anyone can do it! Imagine needing to make a salad, and walking out to your garden where you have fresh lettuce growing. You pick a head of lettuce, get it washed, and then realize you need some more ingredients. Back out to the garden you pick some tomatoes, cucumbers, celery, onion, and peppers as well. Throwing this in your salad, you realize you are eating the tastiest salad you have ever had in your life! This is because you are growing the highest quality of fruits and vegetables, as well as getting it as f...

How To Plan A trip within our Budget

Travel Tips and Guides
BUDGET TRAVEL There's nothing as joyful as travelling with friends and creating memories that will last you forever. It's one of the best things in life and everyone should make a friend's trip happen with their boy or girl gang. However, most of the times these trips aren't possible when you and your friends have joined the corporate sector. Your holidays will not match and you might not even have the energy. So, the best time to go out with your friends is when you are still in college and have some free time in hand. But, college life means a budget trip. Does that make you upset? Well, you don't have to be because here's how you can make a group trip happen without burning a hole in your pocket. Get the Cheapest Domestic Flight Tickets If you will be taking a flight, it's better to ...

Video Marketing and Twitter

Work from Home
FREE LANCING SERVICES Twitter has become one of the most popular social media platforms out there. Businesses can benefit heavily from Twitter if they know how to utilize it. Video marketing is an excellent tool to use for a business Twitter account as it could help the business gain followers over time. Instead of being an article which discusses how to use video marketing to help bolster one's Twitter account, this article will serve as an inspirational tool to help Twitter users discover some ways they can put video marketing to good use. Video serials If you watch television and follow certain shows, you might know that the episodes tend to get more interesting as the series goes on and that more people are tuning in each week to follow that series. It is kind of the same concept w...

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