How to make money online- Some important tips

Did you know how easy it is to make some money
online? You’d be surprised at the amount of options
available. Whether you wanna make some money on the side
or go full time, I promise you, there will be something for you in this video. I’m share with you some easy ways you can make
money right now, from the comfort of your home. These are all real ways to make money. A few of these I’ve done in the past and
some of these I’m currently doing now. With that in mind, let’s get right to it. #1 Start A Blog My very first paycheck was from my blog. Today it’s easier than ever to start your
own blog. It’s one of the easiest and most sustainable
sources of income. My first blog was on Tumblr, then once it
became popular, I moved it over to WordPress. If your blog has the right niche, the right
content and you’re targeting the right audience, you could make a lot of money passively. Pick a topic you’re passionate about, and
start a blog based around that topic. Make sure to pick the right domain name as
well. Always go with a .com when possible I used social media to promote my content. Facebook, Twitter, Reddit, anywhere you can
to get your cause out, go for it. Once your start getting some traffic, you
can display ads on your pages to generate you some income. Combine that with some courses, ebooks or
products, it’s one of the best and easiest ways to make money

online. #2 UpWork If you’re a freelancer, then UpWork is for
you. It’s one of the most popular websites for
freelancers. Many businesses and individuals post job requests
on UpWork. If you’re good at writing, design, marketing,
and much more, You could easily make a lot of active income on this website. UpWork also plays the middleman between you
and the buyer to make sure everything goes smooth for both parties. Be sure to have a professional profile as
well, the more buyers your attract, you more money your make.

#3 Etsy</strong> Etsy is the perfect website if you’re crafty
and creative. My mom and sister have an Etsy shop and they’re
killing it. Setting up your own store sounds challenging
but Etsy takes care of that for you, so you the seller, could focus on what you do best,
creating and selling. Etsy does however take a small commission
for each sale and a listing fee per item. However, many people still use Etsy as their
primary source of income. You’re not limited to physical goods either,
you can sell digital items as well, such as coloring templates to poster designs. Their customer service is also excellent. Go check them out!

#4 ShutterStock & iStockPhoto Are you a photographer? Then I got some great news for you. Shutterstock and iStockPhoto are some of the
best websites where you can make money doing what you love, photography! I do recommend you learn some editing skills
before joining. But it’s very simple, you upload your pictures
to their sites, and when some downloads your photo, you get a small commission. Shutterstock has paid out over $500 M in the
past 15 years to their community of contributors. The more you upload, the more chances of you
getting paid.

5.Affiliate Marketing Affiliate marketing ties in great if you already
have a blog or website. You can become an Amazon associate and sell
products from Amazon on your blog or website. With commissions up to 10%, Amazon’s Affiliate
program is one of the best ones available. But if Amazon isn’t your cup of tea, there
are other reputable affiliates such as ClickBank and SkimLinks. These programs will connect you with merchants
who are looking for affiliates to help sell their products. For example, if you run a blog about food. You can write an article about your must-have
items in the kitchen. Then after the article, you can have affiliate
links taking your readers to those items you just mentioned. If they buy from your link, you will get a
commission. Affiliate marketing is a great way to make
some passive income. #6 High-Yield Online Savings Account If you have money in savings with traditional
banks, you’re probably getting under 0.5% interest. Switch over to banks like Ally or American
Express. They offer some of the highest yielding accounts
on the market today. Ally Bank currently offers 2.20% which is
extremely high compared to traditional banks. I recently made a switch to Ally a few months
ago and it’s been a wonderful experience. I’m actually upset I didn’t do it sooner. The reason some of these online banks can
afford to pay more is that they don’t have brick and mortar locations, which drastically
lowers their cost of business. Having a High Yield savings account is the
ultimate way to make passive income. Your money is sitting there anyway, why not
put them in a place where it can make you even more money with no effort from you. #7 Dropshipping What is dropshipping? It’s basically running your own store. But you don’t own or carry any inventory. You sign up with Shopify or use WooCommerceon WordPress to begin. There are many apps on Shopify that can help
you get started. The most popular is Oberlo. Sellers usually get their items from Chinese
websites and sell them for a profit. Here’s one reason why dropshipping is so
popular today, you get to set your own price. If you buy something for $1, and you sell
it for $10, that $9 profit is yours. There’s no middleman. You don’t have to worry about buying inventory
beforehand or anything like that. You don’t need to ship the items either,
the manufacturer does that for you. You don’t ever see or touch the items. This could also work as a double-edged sword
as you don’t want to sell cheaply made products but with a little research, you could make
a decent amount of active and passive income with drop shipping. Conclusion That does it for this video, hope you guys

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