How to overcome Emotional Eating?

Have you ever felt so lonely that it made you seize that bathtub of ice cream on the fridge and devour it even as your tears have been flowing? Or have you ever felt so delighted that you ate plenty even as laughing and talking to others about your exciting revel in? Yes, all of us love to eat no matter what the circumstance is. Food is a basic necessity in existence. Even whilst we are not too emotional, we devour because it’s far a way of life.

Everyone knows that we eat to get nourishment and to stay healthy. But an excessive amount of ingesting can placed on excess frame weight, that can lead to being dangerous. Becoming overweight may be annoying. I realize, I’ve been there. I become clearly slender but as I age, my metabolism becomes slower, consequently, gaining the ones greater pounds on the size. But I become able to overcome that. I won’t write here approximately how I lost weight but I’d like to cognizance on emotional eating. One of my online friends stimulated me to write down this. She broke up with her boyfriend, become able to flow on, however is now getting emotional again. Oh nicely…

We all have brilliant and terrible days. Now, a few humans devour plenty whenever they experience emotional or stressed out. I don’t know the purpose but consuming could make us experience better. But the truth still stands that in case you eat excessively, you will placed on greater weight, which is not clean to lose. So, what triggers us to turn out to be an emotional eater? Try to ask those inquiries to your self:

-Have you lately experienced a painful break up or lack of a loved one?

-Have you been feeling stressed out at paintings?

-Has there been any unresolved family or private subjects it really is been bothering you?

If you solution “sure” to any of the questions above, possibilities are you is probably an emotional eater. Assess yourself – do you devour even when you’re not hungry? I became an emotional eater. During the ones instances, while anxiety assaults, I turn to my “comfort meals” along with ice cream, chocolates, desserts, doughnuts, and different sweet treats. Until I realized that I had already received too much weight and that my garments may not suit anymore. It’s no longer just all about staying suit and retaining the frame I need. It’s all approximately staying healthy. So, let me proportion how I was in a position to overcome being an emotional eater:


I regularly occurring the truth that I consume lots whenever I sense confused out or emotional. I trust that is first step in overcoming emotional consuming. When you have already usual that fact, then it’d be easier so that you can pause and suppose first each time you experience the urge to chunk that massive slice of pizza simply due to the fact you get disenchanted or things failed to cross your way.

“Am I in reality hungry?”

This is some thing you must ask yourself earlier than reaching for that tub of ice cream or before you chunk that massive chocolate bar. I study somewhere at the Internet (sorry, I forgot wherein I were given this statistics) that each time you “suppose” you’re hungry, drink a tumbler of water first because thirst may be burdened with starvation. The same issue may be carried out to compulsive ingesting. Whenever you feel hectic, drink a tumbler of water first. Then assume and ask your self, “Am I in reality hungry?” before consuming.


This is one habit I made myself develop and I was so proud the primary time I had prevented compulsive ingesting. That time, I had a difficult night at work (I used to paintings at nights) and after I got domestic within the morning, I become almost tempted to reserve a burger from a fast meals delivery however I changed my mind. Instead, I modified my garments and wore my walking footwear. I jogged and circled the neighborhood. I felt amazed because for the primary time, I had noticed the coloration of my buddies’ homes, the girl with 5 cats, and the satisfied children on foot their way to high school. It turned into like I had simply moved in however I have been dwelling in the equal community for extra than 5 years now. After a wholesome sweat, I went domestic, took a brief bathe, had breakfast (a wholesome one without burger and doughnuts), and felt glad. And yes, I did now not overeat.

Divert your attention

What if you unexpectedly felt frightened, excited, or temperamental? You may additionally recognition your interest to other things. What I do is I write it on a chunk of paper, or to my diary (yeah, I still keep a diary.) Or you may concentrate to top song or watch an amazing display – just avoid reaching out for a pop corn. Or if it is possible and safe with a view to do so, you can go out for a stroll. Just walk lightly and breathe. Do some thing that would focus your interest to something else other than ingesting – besides of path, while you are REALLY hungry.

Treat yourself

I by no means stayed far from ice cream, doughnuts, cakes, chocolates, and other candy stuff I love. Overcoming compulsive consuming does not suggest you need to allow pass of the things you like (at the least, that’s what I think). What I do is I eat those hardly ever and I simply devour them to reward myself. Like the time after I become capable to complete all my DIY wedding ceremony invitations, I felt glad and idea I deserved a reward. So I had three scoops of my favourite ice cream. Yes, I nonetheless had ice cream however I did not consume the entire tub. I had three scoops due to the fact I trust I deserved it. And that changed into all.

Overcoming emotional eating is not an easy assignment. In some instances, you may need to seek expert recommendation to help you improve your nicely being via unwinding approaches, honing your crucial wondering capabilities, and controlling your feelings. Seek professional help and get your family worried too.

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